October 29, 2018 is a 75th anniversary of professor Daniil V. Pivovarov - Doctor of Philosophy, Honored Scholar of the Russian Federation and the founder of a scientific school based on ‘synthetic paradigm’. This concept implies a prolific dialogue between scientists, philosophers, theologians, researches in culture and religious studies.

This conference opens a series of annual events in Ural Federal University – «Pivovarov Readings».

The themes examined at the conference are:

  1. The ideal in philosophy, religion, culture
  2. Religious languages and public discourse
  3. Religion and education: the contemporary model of interaction
  4. Philosophical studies of the sacred
  5. Religion and politics: the distinction between civic and confessional
  6. Anthropology of religion: theory and religious practices
  7. The image of religion in art and mass media
  8. Religion in modernity
  9. Psychology of religion as multidisciplinary project
  10. Synthesis of science and religion
  11. Logic and religion: analytic and mathematical theology (from Spinoza and Leibniz till Gödel and further)
  12. Essence and existence in contemporary philosophy
  13. The essence of culture and contemporary culture studies
  14. The responsibility of science and religion in contemporary world: ethics and expertise

We invite scholars and practitioners, bachelor, master and PhD students to take part in conference and present the papers. Papers submitted and presented at the conference will be published in the conference proceedings

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Cultural program

On the last day of the conference, November 3, participants and everyone are invited to watch the film about Daniil Valentinovich Pivovarov and his lecture "the Essence of religion". The show will take place at 11:00 in the multimedia Park Russia - My history (49 Narodnaya Volya street).

After discussing the lecture and the film, at 14:00 everyone will be able to visit the excursion in the Museum Nevyanskaya icon (Engels street, 15), which presents one of the largest collections of old believers iconography. Created in Nevyansk, Nizhny Tagil, Chernoistochinsk, Verkh-Neyvinsk, Yekaterinburg and other old believer centers in the Urals, the icons are distinguished by a high level of artistic performance, transfer to the icons of real Ural landscapes and architecture, the use of gilding. The works of local old believers icon painters are considered to be the property of not only the Ural, but Russian culture.

At 16: 00 guests are invited to visit the Museum of the Holy Royal Family of the Spiritual and educational center Tsar (Tsarskaya str., 8) And the Church-Monument on Blood (Tsarskaya str., 10). During the tour, dedicated to the history of the reign of Nicholas II and the death of the Royal Family, everyone will be able to see the personal belongings of the Royal Family and Elizabeth Feodorovna, archival documents and objects of that era, artifacts related to the Russian-Japanese, world war I, the revolution of 1905 and the February revolution, and much more. As part of the tour Of the temple-a Monument on the Blood, visitors will learn about the history of the temple, its paintings. Guests will see the altar of the chapel in honor of the Holy Royal martyrs, which was erected on the site of the murder of the Royal Family. In the center of it there is a unique mosaic panel depicting the Holy Royal passion-Bearers and their victims.

Guest accommodation

Near the University (in the center). Clean and budget:

  • The Bolshoi Ural hotel, Krasnoarmeyskaya street 1, from 1,250 rubles per night.
  • Hotel Ural, Michurina street 57, from 1700 rubles.
  • Gold Inn, lane Bank 10, from 1600 rubles.


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